Exploring the Sights of Oaxaca, Finding Your Best Self

Mary Stelletello, Founder of Vista Leadership Academy, won an Editor’s Choice nomination from the Mexico Travel Photography Facebook Group. She took the winning picture below while on a visit to an amaranth field in Oaxaca with the Academy’s partner organization Puente a la Salud Comunitaria. Amaranth is not only beautiful—it provides a fantastic nutritional source for many in the region.

Photo: Amaranth Farmer. Photo by Mary Stelletello, Founder, Vista Leadership Academy.

In just a few weeks, our inaugural class of Vistaleras will experience Oaxaca first hand in the 6-day leadership retreat. Another photo selected in the Editor’s Choice came from Moises Garcia Guzman y de Mendoza. It shows several variations on a traditional Oaxacan apron, all of which can be found at the Tlacolula Market outside Oaxaca. The Academy participants will visit this market on our first full day in Oaxaca. This experience will be a great introduction to Oaxacan colors, crafts, cuisines, and cultures.

Photo: Aprons in the Tlacolula Market, by Moises Garcia Guzman y de Mendoza.

Why does the Academy meet in Oaxaca for an intensive face-to-face retreat? Disruption of your daily routine has the power to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Create the space you need to grow. Build supportive relationships with your peers in a stimulating environment. The Academy gathers leaders together to expand your course-charting and foster new ways of thinking and acting. Want to join us? Subscribe for updates on the 2017 Academy!

Are you ready to start your leadership journey? 

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