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Designed for community-minded leaders who seek new skills or feel stuck in their current career situation, Vista Leadership Academy is a cross-cultural, multi-generational leadership development experience that combines virtual learning with an immersive retreat in Oaxaca.

Your educational experience is personalized and social. Every virtual class is fun, engaging and transformative. Academy class sizes are limited to 12 participants so you’ll get the attention and accountability you need. This intimate class size will also foster a sense of community with your peers.

Learn to build bridges across professional sectors and international borders. Strengthen your skills, expand your professional network, and walk away with your own customized leadership action plan. Read the Academy’s application requirements and FAQs to learn more.

Learning Journey Phases

Phase 1: Personal Wayfinding

Align your strengths and passions with your career.

Phase 2: Oaxacan Retreat

Expand your horizons in a cross-cultural setting in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Phase 3: Leadership in Action

Take action with renewed focus on your career and personal life.

Phase 4: Global Impact

Apply your new skills for positive social impact at home and abroad.

Phase 1: Personal Wayfinding

Your experience at Vista Leadership Academy begins with an individual coaching session. You’ll learn how to align your strengths, passion and values with your career. Rediscover your talents and personal vision. Build skills and a mindset to prepare you for your journey. Establish your renewed sense of self and connect with the Academy community.

After your coaching session, you will complete the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment followed by a 1-on-1 session with an Academy Guide to review the results and further examine the areas where you have talents.

During Phase 1 we will convene for six 90-minute virtual classes to further develop your 21st century leadership skills. Topics include:

Session 1: Your Strengths in a Team
Session 2: Listening Skills to Build Understanding
Session 3: Cultural Competence & Engaging Across Boundaries
Session 4: Design Thinking & Theory U
Session 5: System Leadership & Multi-sector Collaboration
Session 6: Travel briefing session to prepare for the 7-day Leadership Retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico

Contact us to request more details on Gallup StrengthFinders and read about the Academy’s application requirements to get started.

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Phase 2: Leadership Retreat

Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico, for an intensive leadership retreat. Why meet in-person? Disruption of your daily routine has the power to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. The Academy gathers leaders together to expand your course-charting and foster new ways of thinking and acting. Break free from old self-defeating patterns or hang-ups. Create the space you need to grow. Build supportive relationships with your peers in a stimulating environment.

Goal 1: Develop a multicultural mindset for each leader’s personal context.

Goal 2: Engage in local community action in a different part of the world to seed global thinking, reflection and awareness of personal impact that leads to a desire to connect and contribute in innovative ways.

Goal 3: Strengthen relationships by idea-sharing, personal support and strategic collaboration to fuel the development of personal leadership action plans.

Contact us to request a copy of the Vista Leadership Retreat Itinerary and learn more about the Academy’s add-on excursions.


We envision a global community of creative, resilient, diverse and connected leaders who fully contribute their talents to making the world a better place.

Phase 3: Leadership in Action

This phase is designed to help you sustain your transformative experience in Oaxaca after returning home. Your successful transformation requires consistent action within a specific timeframe. Your personal re-entry coaching session will help you unpack the lessons from the leadership retreat and design your Leadership Action Plan. With your coach’s customized support and guidance you’ll have structure to put your leadership plan into action.

You’ll team up with your peers during the virtual classes to create an accountability framework and share your Leadership Action Plan.  Build your foundation for future collaboration and community support. The Academy wraps with a final session dedicated to celebrating of your journey.

Session 7: Focusing Together
Session 8: Odyssey Team Consultation
Session 9: Academy Celebration and Completion

Afraid you’ll get stuck with a plan but no action? Contact us for details on additional coaching support to help you be the change.

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Phase 4: Global Impact

To “be the change you want to see in the world” requires collaboration and connection.  Phase 4 creates an ongoing forum with the opportunity for you to continue to learn, collaborate, and innovate to transform communities locally and globally.

As a member of the Academy, you’ve established trusting relationships with fellow leaders from diverse backgrounds and vocations. You can tap the collective assets of the Academy’s network in creative and innovative ways for greater social benefit.  Seeing activism in other parts of the world ignites leaders’ awareness for social justice at home and abroad.

Goal 1: Be part of an ongoing forum that spurs collaboration to transform communities locally and globally.

Goal 2: Continue the dialogue on personal leadership, professional growth and global impact!

Learn more about Vista Leadership Academy’s mission and read the application requirements.

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Vista Leadership Academy is an initiative of Vista Global Coaching & Consulting, LLC.

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